Hydraulic trolley wheel replacement PU tread with iron core

Standard size, suitable for various hydraulic forklifts Thickened cast iron core, high load capacity PU tread, wear-resistant, no damage to the ground, quiet, shock-absorbing Available in different sizes and colors Optional high quality bearings, moving smooth, long service life and silent, installed or install yourself  

Products Details

Wheel Dia 80/180/200mm
Wheel Width 50/60/70/80/90mm
Load Capacity 550kg
Bearing 6204
Material PU tread with Iron core
Load Height 200mm
Customized support OEM, ODM, OBM
Place of Origin ZHE CHINA
Color Red

Product Description

Polyurethane (PU), the full name is polyurethane, is a polymer compound. It was made by Otto Bayer in 1937.Polyurethane is divided into two categories: polyester type and polyether type. They can be made into polyurethane plastics (mainly foamed plastics), polyurethane fibers (called spandex in China), polyurethane rubbers and elastomers. Soft polyurethane is mainly a thermoplastic linear structure, which has better stability, chemical resistance, resilience and mechanical properties than PVC foam materials, and has less compression deformation. It has good thermal insulation, sound insulation, shock resistance and anti-virus performance. Therefore, it is used as packaging, sound insulation, filter material. Rigid polyurethane plastic is light in weight, excellent in sound insulation and thermal insulation, chemical resistance, good electrical properties, easy processing, and low water absorption. It is mainly used in construction, automobile, aviation industry, thermal insulation structural materials. The performance of polyurethane elastomer is between plastic and rubber, oil resistance, wear resistance, low temperature resistance, aging resistance, high hardness and elasticity. Mainly used in shoe industry and medical industry. Polyurethane can also be used to make adhesives, coatings, synthetic leather, etc. Polyurethane appeared in the 1930s. After nearly 80 years of technological development, this material has been widely used in the field of home furnishing, construction, daily necessities, transportation, and home appliances.

Product specification

Customer questions & answers

1.Q:What is the MOQ? A:Generally 500pcs. 2.Q:Can the bearing be optional? Will the bearings be installed when shipped? 3.A:Yes, the model of the bearing is 6204, the optional bearing needs to pay the corresponding fee, and the bearing can also be installed by us or by yourself. Q:Can these castors be used outdoors? A:Yes, it is depends on your requirements for caster size and load capacity. 4.Q:Can the color of the wheels be changed? A:Yes , we can accept the customized requirements, but MOQ will increase depending on the complexity of the requirements

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