Manufacture Product 4/5/6/8 Inch Rigid Metal Fork With Swivel Top Plate Steel Core Soft Rubber Tread Caster Wheels

The iron core rubber wheels are of fixed type and movable type, and can be equipped with anti wrapping covers according to customer requirements. The movable rubber damping wheel adopts sealing anti wrapping, and the bead disc adopts sealing ring, which has very good dustproof and anti wrapping performance, so as to adapt to the selection and requirements of different environments.

Products Details

Characteristics of rubber damping wheel

1. When the caster is installed on the equipment vehicle for use, it has the characteristics of small starting power. 2. The high elastic rubber core wheel made of high-quality natural rubber has good toughness, elasticity and wear resistance. 3. The iron core rubber wheel has the characteristics of antifouling, oil resistance, wear resistance and high bearing capacity. 4. The use of large track diameter bead discs and the carbonitriding heat treatment of the bottom plate, upper and lower bead discs can greatly improve the hardness and toughness of the bead disc, make the rotation of the bead disc more flexible and easy, and greatly improve the mechanical performance.

Product specification

Hole Spacing 84*71mm
Plate Size 113*98mm
Load Height 240mm
Wheel dia 200mm
Width 50mm
Swivel Radius 73mm
Threaded Stem Size M10*15
Material Iron Rubber
Customized support OEM, ODM, OBM
Place of Origin ZHE CHINA
Color Black

Product Description

We all know that casters will produce noise during use, and the movable rubber wheel ball disc adopts double tapered roller bearings, which can better prevent the wheel from shaking during high-speed traction, greatly reduce the noise, and provide a quiet production environment for the production workshop. Therefore, in order to adapt to different design concepts in different fields, we should make correct choices according to our actual situation

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