High Quality 4 Inch TPR Tread With PP Core Integral Bearing Caster Wheel European Style Swivel With Brake

Thermoplastic elastomer has the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber and the processing properties of soft plastics. As the rubber no longer needs to be heat vulcanized, the final product can be easily made using simple plastic processing machinery. With this feature, the production process of rubber industry has been shortened by 1/4, energy consumption has been saved by 25%~40%, and efficiency has been improved by 10~20 times. It can be called another material and process technology revolution in rubber industry. Thermoplastic elastomer is a new polymer material between rubber and resin. It can not only replace part of rubber, but also modify plastics. Thermoplastic elastomer has the dual properties and broad characteristics of rubber and plastic, which makes it widely used in the rubber industry to manufacture daily products such as rubber shoes and adhesive tapes, and various industrial products such as rubber hoses, tapes, rubber strips, rubber sheets, rubber parts and adhesives. At the same time, thermoplastic elastomer can also replace rubber and be widely used in the modification of general thermoplastic resins such as PVC, PE, PP, PS, and even engineering plastics such as PU, PA, CA, making the plastic industry a new situation.

Products Details

Product Description

TPR material has good elongation and resilience. Molding method is simpler than rubber. It can be directly produced by ordinary thermoplastic molding machine. In addition, it can also be used as toughening modifier for PS, PP, ABS, PBT and other plastics to improve their impact strength and bending properties. TPR material is an environmental friendly polymer material, odorless. TPR contains no heavy metals, EN71, ROHS, plasticizers (phthalate plasticizers) and SVHC substances. Except for the risk of exceeding the standard in the detection of residual organic solvents, most environmental protection tests can pass. Any material has its disadvantages, so does TPR material. Compared with SEBS modified TPE, its aging resistance and hydrolysis resistance are poor. The hand feel of TPR material is not as comfortable and smooth as that of silicone, and the surface of TPR material products will feel sticky.

Product specification

Hole Spacing 78*60mm
Plate Size 100*82mm
Load Height 124mm
Wheel dia 100mm
Width 32mm
Material TPR PP
Customized support OEM, ODM, OBM
Place of Origin ZHE CHINA
Color Grey

Common application

1.Industrial storage desk 2.Small equipment handling 3.Various light goods handling appliances

Customer questions & answers

1.Q:how large are the plates it comes with? A:Generally 100*82mm. 2.Q:Is it possible to order two that swivel and two that don't? swivel? 3.A:Yes, there are two types of caster,Swivel and fixed. Q:Can these castors be used outdoors? A:Yes, it is depends on your requirements for caster size and load capacity. 4.Q:What’s the wheel dia of the casters? A:There are 3 to 6 inches

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