G3 Series 6/8/10/12 inch Black Standard industrial Rubber 1000kgs Load Capacity Fixed Caster Wheels

Made of premium rubber and metal material, durable in use Suitable for pull - rod box, all kinds of trolleys, food trucks, light trucks, etc With silent, non-marking rubber wheels. A total of 4PCS Casters Wheels,convenient to replace the broken one Provide low starting and rolling resistance, roll quietly and smoothly Easy to install and easy to use. Fixed rigid type, flat top plate, move flexibly, good flexibility, easy to be installed for various projects, universal wheel, every direction is possible. Wide wheel surface to increase ground contact area, which reduce pressure to floor so that it owns high load-bearing.

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Product Description

High elasticity: low elastic modulus, large elongation deformation, recoverable deformation, and can maintain elasticity in a wide temperature range (-50~150 ℃); Viscoelasticity: the rubber material has obvious stress relaxation and creep phenomenon under the influence of temperature and time when it produces deformation and recovers deformation. Under the action of vibration and alternating stress, it produces hysteresis loss. Electrical insulation: like metal corrosion, wood decay and rock weathering, rubber will also age due to changes in environmental conditions, which will deteriorate its performance and reduce its service life. Vulcanization: rubber must be "vulcanized" before use, except for thermoplastic elastomers. Compounding agent: rubber must be added with "compounding agent". The above are the most important characteristics of rubber. Other characteristics, such as small specific gravity, low hardness, good softness and good air tightness, are also valuable characteristics of rubber.

Product specification

Hole Spacing 105*105mm
Plate Size 130*130mm
Load Height 210mm
Wheel dia 150mm
Width 70mm
Swivel Radius 160mm
Threaded Stem Size M10*15
Material Iron Rubber
Customized support OEM, ODM, OBM
Place of Origin ZHE CHINA
Color Blue Black Red

Customer questions & answers

Q:what is the bolt pattern? A:M10*15 Q:Is this suitable for use on the lawn, in the yard or anywhere else outdoors A:No,i don't think rubber wheels can do well on the lawn. They are more suitable for indoor use

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